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2732Re: [NTO] Why is NoteTabPro "corrupted"

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  • Dr. Schröder Raimund
    Dec 18, 2001
      Hi everybody,

      I now found out what made that API-error message. I had too many documents
      open which made NoteTab break down on startup.
      I am not quite sure if the other problem with the closing to system-tray has
      the same cause. I have to figure it out during the next days.
      I did at first what you recomended me, I renamed the .ini-file and started
      NoteTab. I "enlarged/adapted" it step by step: First opened quick list, then
      close/open NoteTab, second opened a clip-library, then close/open NoteTab
      and so on. I tried that three times and always when I opened all the
      documents and then made close/open NoteTab this error message came.
      Now thats it, thank you for your help.
      Perhaps you have a hint how I can have open more documents? I can live with
      it now, but you never know.
      Thanks, Raimund.
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