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2704Re: [NTO] Annoyances.org

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  • Jody
    Dec 7, 2001
      Hi Hugo,

      >I'm not sure but do you mean Annoyances.org?
      >They mention two programs to bypass the connect-to popup...

      Yep, that's the place so I just need to study their new layout.
      (I searched my mail archives and the link is the same. ;) There
      is a forum I might search though also when I get the time. It
      has always puzzled me why MS does not have some type of utility
      like Tweak ui and just let us check away to get rid of all their
      little "you must do it this way" stuff.


      > > I'll have to go to/find the Win95/98/2000, etc. Annoyances page
      > > and see if they have something out yet.


      Clean-Funnies: click and send...
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