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2701Re: [NTO] XP Pro Annoyances

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  • Marcus
    Dec 6, 2001
      On 06.12.01 at 21:14 Jody wrote:
      >Oh, the DUN connected pop up is annoying having to click it
      >closed all the time...

      There are some utilities which close pop-ups. Some were created for the
      original W95 DUN pop-up. I've not used one myself, only read about them
      a few years ago. I find it hard to believe that after taming those
      pop-ups in W98 (right?), or via a service pack, they have it back on

      No such thing on NT, except a bubble-help type notification over the
      tray. That does grab the focus though for a second, and I'd like to
      switch that off. It will cause the start menu to close while you are
      selecting an item.

      Isn't there a book entitled Windows Annoyances?

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