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2699Re: [NTO] XP Pro Annoyances

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  • Jody
    Dec 6, 2001
      Hi Jim,

      Rain, rain, go away and come again some other day. ;)

      I can live with the extra account - no problem. My biggest
      concern is the images though. Almost all background images look
      like they are stretched out way, way too far like 500 pixels for
      a 100 pixel pic. Some of my own files work fine, but others do
      not. The height/width is correct. I'll try to get another
      browser installed so I can at least see if it is IE. The setting
      Lotta mentioned makes no difference.

      Oh, the DUN connected pop up is annoying having to click it
      closed all the time. Sure wish I could get my NetLaunch working.
      I tried the settings to use it for Win 3.1 and Win95, but no
      help. Guess I should check out the site, but I think I did that

      > >Thanks Jim. Been there, done that - but no help. My account is
      > >the administrator's account. I can add another account and make
      > >admin to delete it according to Help, but then I'm back in the
      > >same place. ;(
      >Sorry, that one is there to stay on Win2K and XP.
      >That is the Boss Hog and he don't go away.

      Happy Topics,

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