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2688XP Pro Annoyances

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  • Jody
    Dec 5, 2001
      Hi Jim,

      Thanks Jim. Been there, done that - but no help. My account is
      the administrator's account. I can add another account and make
      admin to delete it according to Help, but then I'm back in the
      same place. ;(

      Say, y'all know about the Win... annoyance site, (if not, go
      there). Does anybody have the URL and/or do they have pages up
      for XP yet?

      I sure would like to know how to get rid of the connection notice
      that pops up above the System Tray (pointing to the tray icon for
      DUN) every time I connect letting me know I got connected.

      > > Say, I accidently made a user in my XP Pro and wish to
      > > purposely remove it. Do I need to do anything special just
      > > delete that bad boy? (Too lazy, busy, tired, who cares to find
      > > out for myself by just deleting it. <g>)
      >Just go to the control panel and select USERS AND PASSWORDS (I
      >think - I'm on a 98 system right now and can't look-see) and
      >REMOVE the unwanted user.

      Happy Topics,

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