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  • Adrian/ Rosemary Worsfold
    Nov 3, 2001
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      Some months back there was a debate about Irfan View, which Note Tab clips support, and
      XnView. There is no doubt that XnView is better regarding the selection of a rectangle of a
      picture, allowing one to stop and reposition, but in trying to upgrade to version 1.25 this has
      been rendered useless by semi hiding the positions of the axes instead of just displaying
      the dimensions of the rectangle as it did in 1.19, which I've gone back to using.

      What it demonstrates is that not every upgrade is consistent or indeed an improvement.

      My Russian wife tells me that Windows XP has a very unfortunate double meaning in the
      Russian interpretation of the XP letters in their language, which via "bad language" suggests
      that it isn't very good. It is the subject of a number of jokes in Russia. someone in America
      did not do their homework. I haven't left Windows 95 and don't want to, though it now comes
      to the point where I have to watch upgrades. I understand, for example, that Internet Explorer
      6 does not work with Windows 95, so obviously I have stopped at 5.5 and eventually I may
      go over to alternative software. I understand too that Netscape has improved since its rather
      dodgy recent upgrade, and can be used by Windows 95.

      Adrian Worsfold