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2625Why does NoteTabPro no longer reside in the system tray?

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  • Dr. Schröder Raimund
    Nov 1, 2001
      Hi everybody,

      I encountered a new problem lately. I don't know why but since two or three
      days NoteTab starts on start up of my PC but then can not be seen any more.
      If I press Crtl+Alt+Del I see that it is running, when I look up in the
      Autorun folder it is there and can be started (which it actually does on
      start up) but I can not find it on my desktop, neither in the system tray
      (the option/general/close to system tray is enabled, the option/view/Icon in
      system tray is also enabled) nor in the task bar.
      what to do?
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