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2620Re: [NTO] Cookies

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  • Jody
    Oct 30, 2001
      Hi Larry & Ray,

      >The index.dat is a database of cookies, and sites, and it is
      >locked by Windows, so to delete it you have to boot to DOS.
      >There should be no ill effect, IE will re-create it the next time
      >you start it.

      That is what I found out, but you can rename it in DOS just to
      make sure. It wouldn't hurt to try and move it in Windows;
      perhaps you can sneak it w/o getting caught. ;)

      > If deleted it may nullify all your cookies.

      I think that is true. Harvey, if it is not too much trouble, can
      you delete some of the text in posts when replying? TIA

      Happy Topics,

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