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2535Re: [NTO] was ( [NTB] RE: Notetab as IE Editor)

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  • Lotta
    Oct 10, 2001
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      Hello Alec

      >When I went back to InternetTools - Programs - HTML Editor both the editors
      >I was trying to make available were there - I hadn't done ANYTHING. Maybe a
      >reboot had fixed it - I don't know.
      >When I went back with REGEDIT to check the OpenWithList: the extra stuff I
      >but in per your suggestions was missing with just a key named after the
      >program (HTML-Kit.exe and windword.exe respectively). When I went down to
      >the HKCR-Applications key two new keys had been created - you guessed it -
      >the content of the keys that had "automagically" changed up in
      >.htm-openwithlist had been moved there.

      Sounds peculiar indeed. Maybe it's enough to have the key but why wasn't
      you entries saved?
      Ahem, not that it would explain everything but did you restart IE the other
      times? It doesn't take effect before you do. At least not for me.

      >I can only conclude there is a benevolent genie at work someplace in my
      >computer ;==)

      Sure isn't me. :D

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