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2533Re: [NTO] was ( [NTB] RE: Notetab as IE Editor)

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  • Lotta
    Oct 9, 2001
      Hello Alec,

      >I think I followed your directions - but the two I added following them
      >(HTML-kit and Winword) do NOT appear on the Internet Options | Programs |
      >HTML Editor.
      >I'm pasting the Regedit 4 export of the entire .HTM key below after making
      >the changes I "think" you were suggesting. Maybe you can spot something
      >obvious? (I'm using IE5.50SP2 if its relevant)

      I don't know. You could try to play around with the quotes but I don't
      think that matters. For me anything goes.
      I tried to search the web but all articles I found say what you already
      have tried. Then I found a page in Microsoft's knowledge base when I was
      looking for something else. It concerns problems adding Netscape as editor.
      The string has an additional "-edit".

      C:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator\Program\Netscape.exe -edit %1

      Worth a try? The article is here:

      Hope it works this time!
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