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  • Alec Burgess
    Oct 7, 2001
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      Hi Lotta
      I think I followed your directions - but the two I added following them
      (HTML-kit and Winword) do NOT appear on the Internet Options | Programs |
      HTML Editor.
      I'm pasting the Regedit 4 export of the entire .HTM key below after making
      the changes I "think" you were suggesting. Maybe you can spot something
      obvious? (I'm using IE5.50SP2 if its relevant)

      "Content Type"="text/html"









      @="\"C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office\\winword.exe\" %1"




      @="\"C:\\Program Files\\a_Editors\\Chami\\HTML-Kit\\Bin\\HTMLKit.exe\" %1"


      Regards ... Alec
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      From: "Lotta" <loro@...>
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      Sent: 07 October, 2001 00:56
      Subject: Re: [NTO] was ( [NTB] RE: Notetab as IE Editor)

      > Hi Alec,
      > <snip>
      > >All that was required was just the name of the .EXE without path
      > <snip>
      > >Considering that I'm just stumbling around in the dark, I think I'll give
      > >a rest for now, before I screw up BIG-TIME
      > Sorry, I wasn't very clear. You have to make it look exactly as the others
      > with sub keys and all. I'll try to list the moves.
      > Let's see, we were at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT | .htm | OpenWithList
      > Double click "OpenWithList" so it opens.
      > Right click and highlight "OpenWithList" and choose "New Key" from the
      > context menu
      > Name the new key the editor's name for example "notepad" (no .exe).
      > Now rightclick the key you just created ('notepad') and add a new key
      > it and name it "shell".
      > Rightclick "shell" and add a new key under it and name it "edit".
      > Rightclick "edit" and add a new key under it named "command" (boy, this is
      > fun!).
      > Now leftclick once to highlight the "command" key. In the right frame
      > double click on "Default "and as the value enter the full path to your
      > editor followed by "%1".
      > Example: C:\WINDOWS\Notepad.exe %1
      > Note the space between the path and %1.
      > Done! Taa-taa!
      > Lotta
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