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2518Re: [NTO] Flash, Audio, Active X-Controls, Java, & Microsoft

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  • Jody
    Oct 6, 2001
      Hi Stefan and Others,

      I've had a German site that has virus protectors running on (I
      think the downloads) that reports a virus on our links). Other
      than that, I am getting a few support posts where people are
      having a hard time downloading. I suspect that the problem may
      be due to traffic because we are getting hit hard due to our new
      release mailing list (having all our recent upgrades) and
      possibly IE6, but I have not confirmed the latter. Probably just
      wishful thinking on my part. <g> Not really though, Eric can fix
      a problem much faster than M$ can and IE having problems effects
      us a lot.

      >>Hi Scott & Stefan & Others,
      >>If you guys would like to get a class action law suit going
      >>... ... ..
      >>Stefan wrote:
      >>>> MS no longer supports the standard for Netscape plug-ins
      >>>> (Flash, Audio) and requires Active X-Controls. Don't ask me
      >>Scott Wrote:
      >>>The sad thing is that Microsoft, in their quest to rule the world
      >>>even more -- specifically, to make the Internet Microsoft only,
      >I think I would be very proud to stand with you against what bad thing
      >ever! :-)
      >Nevertheless, here are some facts:
      >The paragraphs Jody cited wasn't written by me, it was Rudolf's reply
      >to my complaint about not being able to download the slipstream
      >release from the notetab sites using my IE5(.0).
      >There was a reply from Eric Fookes, asking that it looks more like a
      >particular problem of my configuration, since he don't use any plugins
      >or the like on the downloadpages.
      >Also no other problem reports seem to has occured.
      >I had the same problem just yesterday with an automatic download
      >redirection from www.activestate.com (the makers of ActivePerl, a very
      >good Perl for Win32 distribution, useful with NoteTab, BTW :-)
      >So I'm very sure now that the problem is on my site, not anywhere.
      >I will check my configuration, then.
      >I have no reports about sites no longer working with MS browsers up to
      >Anyway as stated above, I would be proud...

      Happy Topics,

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