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2498RE: [NTO] IE 6.0 troubles.

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  • Christopher J. & Jo-Ann J. Spilker
    Oct 3, 2001
      Mike and others,

      Not having stability troubles with I.E. 6.0 (HP Pavilion XL766, 733 MHz
      P-III/ 512 MB RAM), however, my CD-RW and DVD drive letters now show up
      doubled (their drive letters become M: & M: plus N: & N: ) after I REFRESH
      the Windows Explorer window. Subsequent refreshes no help; CLOSE and
      RESTART Windows Explorer clears this anomaly.

      Even when the double drive letters show up, checking their contents under
      any of their letters still works!

      That is about all I see so far (been in I.E. 6.0 for approximately three

      Christopher J. Spilker

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