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2487Re: [NTB] Why NetCaptor

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  • Jody
    Sep 30, 2001
      Hi Srish and Others,

      Please make anymore posts that are not about the use of NoteTab
      over on the NoteTab Off-Topic list (see my sigline), TIA. Srish,
      thank you for your concern of others and trying to help them out. ;)

      >A large number of mails are being exchanged about Netcaptor. I
      >wonder if some body has tested the freeware "Internet Surfer". I
      >suggest download and test it from
      >http://www.geocities.com/jackflacco/ before buying netcaptor

      Actually, there was a post made by me to four lists and the only
      reason I did was because a special discount was setup by author
      when I contacted him and NetCaptor is mentioned in the Help file.
      I almost did not post to the Basic, HTML, and Clips lists in fear
      that a my browser is better than your browser competition
      started. There are other posts being made about NetCaptor on the
      Off Topic list.

      FWIW, NetCaptor won two awards - the People's Choice Award for
      Best Internet Enhancement and the Shareware Industry Award for
      Best Internet Communication! Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

      Happy Topics,

      The NoteTab Off-Topic List
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