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  • Jody
    Sep 30, 2001
      Hi Rick,

      >> NetCaptor will no longer have a free version. If you buy soon,
      >> you can still get it for $19.95.
      >I bought it and like it pretty well. One question, though ...
      >Does anyone know how (or even if) one can get RoboForm to work
      >with NetCaptor? So, far I have failed to get it to do so.

      I do not know what RoboForm is, but I can tell you that NetCaptor
      is a shell extension (for a lack of better words) of IE. If your
      RoboForm works in IE, then it should in NetCaptor. If that is
      the case, that RoboForm works in IE, but not NetCaptor and you
      know you have everything right, send a bug report or suggestion
      explaining what is going on to Adam Stiles:

      mailto:support@... if you do not get an answer to that
      in a few days (one man operation) try: pro@...

      Happy Topics,

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