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247Re: [NTO] Using NTP to assist ACDSee descriptions

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  • Wren McMains
    May 2, 2000
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      Hi Skylight,

      > I use ACDSee to view & organize my huge picture collection.
      > (http://www.acdsystems.com/products/acdsee/index.htm)
      > ACDSee has a cool feature of adding keywords to pictures, without
      > modifying the actual picture. (They are stored in a hidden file
      > called "descript.ion" (actually a text file) one instance per
      > folder)

      I really wish Eric would consider making Album Express work
      better with ACDSee (maybe by actually using the descript.ion
      file in AE.)

      I think Jody/Ray's posts are best bet: transferring the list
      via the clipboard.

      I'm curious: Are you going to have both (optional) desciption
      as well as keyword list? If could we all pick a consistent
      delimited between the actual description and the keywords,
      then maybe Eric could use the description part in AE and ignore
      the keywords.

      Am also curious if you use ACDSee 3.0 or what they've now
      brought back as the "Classic" -- I saw no reason to pay
      for an upgrade to 3.0, but I REALLY like the old version.
      Is 3.0 worth getting?