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2362Re: [NTO] Win2k - Quickview?

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  • Jody
    Sep 4, 2001
      Hi Scott,

      Thanks Scott. I looked around and found the link. Downloading
      now and will let you all know which I like better (PD or FmView)
      FWIW. I have some type of viewer, catalog thingie or something
      on those lines from JACS (PSP) but never got around to installing
      it. ;) nite...

      >I use PowerDesk Pro (http://www.ontrack.com), which has a nice
      >preview pane, among myriad other features. For years I've also
      >been using FmView by Dieter Prifling (http://www.wincorner.com).
      >FmView is very small, very fast, and provides right-click
      >previews for many, many file types. It's commonly one of the
      >first things I install when I rebuild one of my computers.

      Happy Topics,

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