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2357Re: [NTO] Win2k - Quickview?

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  • LaurieK
    Sep 4 2:43 PM
      I have seen countless numbers of posts in this group regarding PowerDesk a
      fancy Explorer type program, and I went to see what all the fuss was about.

      Its cool, but in response to Scott Fordin's post involving FmView, I thought
      I might mention FM Edit 2001, man its a handy Explorer type program. You
      can have split screens so you can see two instances at once, if not using
      split screen you can click on any file, graphic/html/zip/text and
      automatically view it on the right. If a zip file, it shows the contents,
      you click on say a text file within the zip and you are reading it....its a
      pretty handy application....

      So my 2 cents worth... check it out...


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