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2356Re: [NTO] Win2k - Quickview?

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  • Jody
    Sep 4, 2001
      Hi Scott

      > 1. Integrated file compression utilities

      No need for it; it would take me longer than to just do it like I do with my files now - click a button on my Clipbar and be done with it.

      > 2. Lots more file viewers -- including PDF, and
      > a "live" collapsible/expandible tree view of
      > compressed files.

      I might use that.

      > 3. Integrated ftp client, which is handy for quick
      > transfers.

      Same as number one. ;)

      > 4. Integrated "Dialog Helper" utility; binds to File
      > Open/Save dialogs and remembers what folders and
      > files you've visited.

      That might be handy.

      > 5. Other stuff I can't remember right now because
      > I've been using the Pro version so long I don't
      > remember all that the free version doesn't include.

      I might like them as well. <bg>


      I missed the link, and only need it if it is freeware. I_View
      is really all I need since the only thing I use image viewers
      for it to take a quick peek at an image. I use PSP otherwise.

      Happy Topics,

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