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2355Re: [NTO] Win2k - Quickview?

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  • Scott Fordin
    Sep 4, 2001
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      At 01:18 9/3/2001 -0500, you wrote:
      > >I like the PowerDesk viewer, too; but I'm only using the freebie
      > >version.
      >I might buy that someday. I do not want the PowerDesk bar across
      >the bottom and the box (image) that popsup during shut down. If
      >there is not an option to get rid of the PowerDesk bar at the
      >bottom, I won't even consider buying it???

      The PowerDesk bar is not an issue as far as I've seen; you can
      customize the interface pretty much however you want. The for-
      real-money version also has a bunch of features that makes it
      worthwhile, as far as I'm concerned:

      1. Integrated file compression utilities

      2. Lots more file viewers -- including PDF, and
      a "live" collapsible/expandible tree view of
      compressed files.

      3. Integrated ftp client, which is handy for quick

      4. Integrated "Dialog Helper" utility; binds to File
      Open/Save dialogs and remembers what folders and
      files you've visited.

      5. Other stuff I can't remember right now because
      I've been using the Pro version so long I don't
      remember all that the free version doesn't include.

      > >Before I rush off to d/l FmView can you tell me what FmView
      > >offers that Irfan doesn't?

      Lots. Please see my earlier message.

      >This is a nice little freeware image viewer; (I've been using
      >I_View for about 5 years I guess):
      >http://www.xnview.com or http://perso.wanadoo.fr/pierre.g

      XnView is nice too. I think in order of preference, I use
      FmView viewers and PowerDesk viewers the most (it pretty
      much depends on my mood), then ThumbsPlus, then Irfanview.
      I haven't reinstalled XnView since building my latest
      machine. Probably not as much an indictment of XnView as
      rather a data point showing my personal habits.

      Regards to all,

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