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2348Re: [NTO] Win2k - Quickview?

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  • Jody
    Sep 3 11:00 AM
      Hi Rick,

      Thanks, I'll be getting it someday. I try to get as many popular
      programs as I can so I can test with our software. I've known
      about PowerDesk and had it installed for over a year now. One of
      the main reasons I have not spent the measly $17.95 is because of
      the nagware classified as freeware. I've been revolting I guess
      you could say. FWIW, I have WinCommander installed to, and do
      not use it because I don't particularly care for it even though
      it is an excellent piece of software. ;) I think 2xPlorer R7 is
      a nice freeware file manager. For me, PowerDesk is the best for
      my preferences though.

      I have a few computers setup and hope to get my 486dx80 running
      again; all for testing purposes, well the wife and kids use the
      one I am currently using since the fire got their 486dx80 (which
      was my first PC). I'm slowly adding new stuff to my new machine,
      but do not know if I will go on line with it till our new house
      is built. (Yes, this 350AMD is a K6 3D processor.)

      >>I guess that means that the gray (not black) bar across the
      >>bottom like a status bar that says OnTrack and Power Desk is not
      >>there in the Pro version - that is good to know. I'll probably
      >>buy it for my new machine. This 350AMD is a bit slow to run it
      >Nope - not on mine. I don't know about how it will run on an AMD
      >350 (guessing a K6?) But, it runs pretty well on my overclocked
      >Celeron 300a (oc'd to 450.) It's only $17.95 to download the full
      >version ...
      >BTW, I use it as my FTP client as well.


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