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2317Re: [NTO] Re: Calypso free?

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  • Marcus
    Sep 1, 2001
      On 31.08.01 at 12:06 Andy Young wrote:
      >I downloaded Calypso. I thought there was a lot of good things about
      >it. I was wondering though ... I am I right in thinking that you can
      >only have one filter for each folder (mailbox)?

      I think you are looking for "filter definitions". Each filter can have
      as many definitions as you like, afaik. I define one filter and place
      all my definitions in there, by right-clicking on the email with "add
      to filter" and filling in the info. It makes sense this way because
      each account then has a set of definitions in its filter which apply to
      it. You can also select that same filter for any other account.

      Each Mailbox can have many accounts. Each account has one default
      "Filter" which runs at startup.

      The Junkyard is a separate filter for spam, which you can run before or
      after the other filter. Make sense?
      The filters are very configurable.

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