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2236Re: [NTO] Directory Sizes

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  • Mars Descent
    Aug 21, 2001
      At 06:37 AM 8/21/01, you wrote:
      >On 18.08.01 at 16:40 Alec Burgess wrote:
      >> By using Norton's
      >>Ncompare program in diff's only mode you can spot anomalies (eg.
      >>trying to sneak in sypware or folders that are growing "too" fast)
      >Where is Ncompare to be found?
      >Is it part of a larger package?

      Norton Utilities.

      I hated it. It was pathetic. IMO. My Norton trial expired of
      course. You kept having to click *TRY* all the time every time you ran
      it. You could compare two files. I can't remember what was real limiting
      about it now, but it didn't seem like it would let me do much at all.

      I can't see what Norton helps, except system bloat. And adding more icons
      to the desktop and lower tray.

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