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2218Re: [NTO] Directory Sizes

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  • Alec Burgess
    Aug 18, 2001
      One more on the Directory Sizes issue: (from a recent Lockergnome
      DirGraph v1.3.1 [3k] W9x/NT/2k FREE {Eyeball your disk inventory} How much
      space is that new folder taking up, anyway? As they say: "a graphical
      representation is worth a thousand words." Now you can see just how much
      space is on your hard drive, and which programs are taking up the biggest
      chunk of your system's resources. Hmmm... perhaps I shouldn't have
      downloaded fifty different versions of Solitaire after all? Dig even deeper
      by clicking on a section to examine it closer. You can also query more than
      one drive at a time. "It also supports color coding its display by file
      dates, so you can see at a glance how much of the space used is occupied by
      files that haven't been access for an age ."
      http://www.spillett.net/dirgraph/DirGraph.zip <-download
      http://www.spillett.net/dirgraph/ <-description
      http://screenshot.lockergnome.com/dirgraph.png <-screenshot
      This one has a neat graphical picture of where space is being used and can
      be used to spot forgotten folder trees that are just wasting space. It can
      be added to the normal rContext menu for folders.

      I use the FolderSize Properties shell-extension to periodically capture an
      exploded drive tree or before a significant download. By using Norton's
      Ncompare program in diff's only mode you can spot anomalies (eg. someone
      trying to sneak in sypware or folders that are growing "too" fast)
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