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2216Re: [NTO] Directory Sizes/Copying Files

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  • Jody
    Aug 17, 2001
      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for the tips. I think some Clips could come in handy too.
      I won't be doing Windows and programs that use files outside
      their structure because I want it all clean. I know I must have
      a lot of registry entries and dll's that I don't use. (I have
      utilities to clean it up, but they are not perfect.

      >> > I still think my best bet is to crank up this drive, actually
      >> > two, on the other machine and just drag/drop what I want.
      >Personnally I do it this way myself because it is so much easier
      >and faster.
      >Mostly it is very straight forward and most files copy across
      >with no problems.
      >BUT, there is a small problem here that one wants to pay
      >attention to in 2 areas.
      >1. You want to drag and drop with the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON, and
      >select Copy Here. Else you can end up with a lot of shortcuts
      >that you didn't want (for.exe files). It isn't supposed to do
      >that, copying from drive to drive BUT.....
      >2. Although it is slower, it is a good idea to transfer small
      >groups at a time and start at the top and copy one directory at a
      >time. One file in a subdirectory in the directory that can't be
      >copied stops the whole process, and it doesn't necessarily copy
      >files in alphabetical order.
      >When it screws up you have to try to figure out what didn't get
      >copied and select the rest and compare the number of files in
      >each dir etc.
      >Usually when it screws up, it is due to contaminated files,
      >overly long file names, or files currently in use.
      >Normally I Delete what I just copied last and break it down into
      >smaller increments and copy a little at a time.
      >All in all though it is much faster and quite dependable to just
      >go disk to disk.
      >At one point in time I even had the Win98 CD on an old 500MB
      >drive and I just put it in to use to install Windows on a new
      >drive. It is a lot faster than a CDROM. :-)
      >BTW You can copy all files over and then reload Windows and it
      >will rebuild your registry and add all registerable files for you
      >and you can basically have a clone of your old drive in no time.
      >Unfortunaltely you still have to arrange your desktop and copy your .pwd and .pwl files over again after
      >reloading windows.


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