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2188Re: [NTO] viruses

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  • Marco Bernardini
    Aug 6, 2001
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      Alle 16.24 Saturday 04/08/2001 -0500, Jody ha mandato a Marco questo messaggio:

      >Hi Len,
      >I have been getting hit with 50-100 of them a day from my Fookes
      >Software support addresses. As you might think, a number of
      >people have the addresses in their addressbook...

      I guess some virii can get addresses from cache, too...
      I receive infected messages from a lot of unknown people.

      > For quite
      >awhile I would download headers only and delete the ones that had
      >the worm attached. I do not get to many now. I suspect they are
      >being deleted at the server level so the Internet is not bogged
      >down as much, but I still notice a long period of downloading.

      Suggestion for everybody: if your provider don't filter the mail you can
      check it on the web before to download...


      Marco Bernardini
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