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215Re: [NTO] Virus Etc.

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  • Marco Bernardini
    Apr 17, 2000
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      Alle 08.55 17/04/2000 -0700, Phil Edmunds ha mandato a Marco questo messaggio:

      >Since I cannot load any programs on my machine, either from downloads or
      >disk, I can't think of any way out of this virus problem but erasing

      Remove your infected hard-disk.
      Borrow an old hard-disk big enough to rescue your data, mount it on your
      computer as primary disk and install Windows AND an anti-virus.
      Mount as "slave" the infected disk: you see it as D:\
      DON'T RUN PROGRAMS ON D:\ !!!!!

      Copy all your data (and only data, not programs!) from D:\ to C:\
      Make a low level format on D:\ (better to FDISK it, too)
      Swap hard-disks and reinstall Windows on your "cured" disk, install all
      your programs and copy data from D:\ to C:\
      Hard job, but you can save at least your data.


      Marco Bernardini
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