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2115Re: [NTO] OEM Win2k

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  • Jim Hall
    May 9, 2001
      Ray, Paul, et al

      At 03:23 PM 5/9/01, you wrote:
      >Hello All
      >I know of a damaged Pentium III PC for sale at a very low price. I'm
      >considering buying it just to get the Win2000 operating system CD plus
      >Service Pack 1. I'll scrap the computer and load the operating system onto
      >my computer (also a Pentium III).

      If it's cheap enough, I'd do it.

      >My questions:
      >1.) Is this legal? That is, is it ok to continue to use an Original
      >Equipment Manufacturer's version of Windows 2000 on a computer other than
      >the one the system came on (assuming the original PC is no longer in

      Possesion is 9/10ths of the law and legality here is clear if you purchase
      the computer/software from a legal source and get a bill of sale.

      The real issue is whether or not you can register it with Microsoft as your

      My advise is don't try to. If the previous owner registered it and you try
      to, you will open a pandora's box you will never get closed (It would be
      simpler to buy Win2K outright).

      However, registering it doesn't really buy you that much anymore.

      You can go to


      and download updates and service packs for free, registered or not.

      >2.) The damaged (and soon to be scrapped PC) is a Dell and my machine is a
      >Gateway. Are OEM versions of the operating system manufacturer-specific? I
      >wouldn't mind if the initial splash screen shows the Dell Logo. I'm
      >concerned about operational compatibility of the OS with the rest of my
      >hardware and software, especially Office Professional.

      There is an OEM version of Win2K pro which simply means that it is a boot
      disk and can be loaded on a blank hard drive (as opposed to an upgrade
      version which requires an existing version to be on the hard drive (can be
      fooled) and is not a boot disk).

      Dell has an **OEM System Disk** specifically for Dell computers as does
      every other manufacturer. Somewhere on this disk is a non machine specific
      copy of Win2K which may have (probably) been stripped down to only include
      the drivers necessary for that computer and it's peripherals. Also on that
      disk will be Dell unique software that may/may not work correctly on
      another computer.

      Probably the worst cases of this is computers like e-machine, Compaq, and
      Packard Bell computers which are not really made to be upgraded/expanded
      with other than their own boards/peripherals.

      One major problem is that the Install software on these CD's often looks at
      the motherboard/BIOS and if it isn't a Compaq, the install program won't
      let you load it.(on a Gateway etc.)

      I'm not positive about Dell, but I think you can use both Dell and Gateway
      Disks on just about any computer since they offer so many options on OEM

      Odds are the Dell software will load on the Gateway and you can just
      uninstall/delete any of the Dell stuff that you don't want/need.

      In most cases if you know what you are looking for, you can extract just
      the Win2K info and use it although you may have to go to your manufacture's
      website and download all/many of your drivers.

      Also, if the Gateway and/or peripherals are more than a couple of years old
      (a Win98 machine as opposed to a Win2K machine), you will need to download
      many of the Win2K drivers from the respective manufacturers for your modem,
      video bd, printer, etc. IF THE MANUFACTURER WROTE THEM.

      In many cases they didn't (My Okidata Laserjet printer) and to run Win2K
      you have to buy new Win2K compatible hardware with a Win2K driver.

      In some cases (my Diamond Video Card and HP Laserjet printer) they wrote a
      generic Win2K driver but didn't upgrade the "goodie" software (InControl
      Tools 99).

      I would highly recommend checking this out BEFORE you load Win2K on any
      machine. (BTDT).

      Personally I really like Win2K and have it on my laptop (a newer Win2K
      machine) but unfortunately, I haven't gotten enough mileage on my Win98
      machine to warrant replacing/upgrading it just to be able to run Win2K.

      Soon though!!

      Hope it helps.

      If you want more specific info, please feel free to send a private e-mail.

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