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2114Re: [NTO] OEM Win2k

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  • Paul M. King
    May 9, 2001
      At 06:23 PM 5/9/01 -0400, you wrote:
      >Hello All
      >I know of a damaged Pentium III PC for sale at a very low price. I'm
      >considering buying it just to get the Win2000 operating system CD plus
      >Service Pack 1. I'll scrap the computer and load the operating system onto
      >my computer (also a Pentium III).
      >My questions:
      Ray, I would go slow on this one until you have all the facts.
      I looked into a similar deal in the Compaq line and rejected
      it when it became apparent that interchangeability of software
      was not possible.

      >1.) Is this legal? That is, is it ok to continue to use an Original
      >Equipment Manufacturer's version of Windows 2000 on a computer other than
      >the one the system came on (assuming the original PC is no longer in

      My feeling, if not conviction, is that legality of software ownership
      goes with ownership of the hardware/software package. Policies
      of the manufacturer can, however, make this difficult if not

      >2.) The damaged (and soon to be scrapped PC) is a Dell and my machine is a
      >Gateway. Are OEM versions of the operating system manufacturer-specific? I
      >wouldn't mind if the initial splash screen shows the Dell Logo. I'm
      >concerned about operational compatibility of the OS with the rest of my
      >hardware and software, especially Office Professional.

      I can't speak for Dell, but I am in a similar situation with Compaq.
      Their restore disks, which have WIN98 on them, are specifically
      tied to a designated Compaq model and work on no other. For that
      reason, I will never buy another Compaq. (They are are also put
      together in a way which limits expansion.)

      This has nothing to do with performace. The Compaq has worked
      well for me for three years and has been extremely stable with a
      little help from the manuals and self-help websites. I have a model
      loaded with WIN98SE, using the Pentium II chip. It runs at 300mhz
      and has a 8.5gig HD and 64megs of RAM.

      >Thanks for the insight.
      >Ray Shapp
      >Watchung, NJ
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