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2084Re: [NTO] no longer G rated

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  • Jody
    Apr 15 6:27 PM
      Hi Alice,

      >> It is an interesting topic though. How far do you take freedom
      >> of speech? All the way? Is it OK for a 1st grader to cuss out
      >> his teacher?
      >I don't believe in free speech for kids! <grin> it's a parent's
      >right and responsibility to teach kids, that means teaching
      >things like common courtesy and respect for others which means
      >you don't allow your kids to cuss out their teachers at any age.
      >Once they've grown up, hopefully they've learned how to use
      >freedom of speech responsibly.

      I agree with all that and perhaps using kids was a wrong place to
      start. I think you got my point and Stephen's though. If we
      censor in one place then it is only right to censor all the way
      across the board. So, I lean more towards allow it all, but
      unfortunately, that is not the way they play the game. ;-(

      Happy Topics,

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