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208Re: [NTO] Virus Etc.

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  • Ray Shapp
    Apr 17, 2000

      You can find what now passes for DOS in C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND or the equivalent
      folders on your computer. That's where you will find FDISK and all the
      other DOS utilities. You may want to set options in Explorer to display all
      hidden files as well. You can do that by opening Explorer, click on
      View|Folder Options then select the View tab. After doing that, you should
      be able to not only see system and hidden files (look at Attributes column),
      but you should also be able to copy them.

      I don't know whether ANY virus could alter your CMOS beyond what the BIOS
      allows. The manufacturer of your computer or its BIOS could tell you what
      is alterable and what are normal settings. Some CMOS menus allow you to
      "restore default". I'd try these options before the high mesa treatment!

      Good luck,

      Ray Shapp
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