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2075Re: [NTO] no longer G rated

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  • ceh
    Apr 14, 2001
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      Oh, why not, list traffic has been low of late....

      Here's the point I was trying to make in a little more detail.
      Yahoo.com is a private company. Like most other companies it has to bring in
      revenue to stay in business. They opened a new product line, public reaction
      was negative and outweighed the extra revenue that product line was bringing
      in, so they dumped it. I'm just not seeing the "suppression of free speech"
      here. It wasn't a matter of their being forced into any decision, they could
      have ignored the flak and continued to sell that product line, but common
      business sense directed them otherwise.

      Also, "free speech" only means that I have the right to state my opinions
      without fear of governmental suppression, it does NOT prevent anyone else
      from disagreeing or even taking steps to suppress what I say (within bounds
      of other laws of course.)

      A personal example. Here is the disclaimer for the web hosting service I
      "All pages must be suitable for viewing by children. Dabney.com's
      administration will be the sole judge of suitable page content."
      Am I suppressing "free speech". Within my sphere of control, yes. Because
      while the people who write content that I find unsuitable have every right
      to do so, they do not have the right to force me to publish it. See the

      Hm, I believe I'm more than a little contrary myself. :~)


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      From: "Stephen" <stephen@...>
      Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2001 11:51 PM

      > I believe Emmett has a point, though, (but being contrary I don't
      > completley agree with any thing.)
      > I guess as Web Persons we have to be pretty sensitive to the peer and
      > public pressure thing.
      > T look at a mundane example, nobody who is anybody uses the
      > <blink></blink> element any more.
      > Also as Jody and Alice are going of on the R-rated stuff on television
      > (which I haven't gotten around to watching in quite a while <MORALLY
      > SUPERIOR SIMPER /> we might remember that a lot of little kids in this
      > world live in R-rated conditions, and that is a bigger problem than what
      > anybody will see on tv.
      > Take care, everyone
      > Stephen
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