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2074Re: [NTO] no longer G rated

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  • Stephen
    Apr 14, 2001
      I believe Emmett has a point, though, (but being contrary I don't
      completley agree with any thing.)
      I guess as Web Persons we have to be pretty sensitive to the peer and
      public pressure thing.
      T look at a mundane example, nobody who is anybody uses the
      <blink></blink> element any more.

      Also as Jody and Alice are going of on the R-rated stuff on television
      (which I haven't gotten around to watching in quite a while <MORALLY
      SUPERIOR SIMPER /> we might remember that a lot of little kids in this
      world live in R-rated conditions, and that is a bigger problem than what
      anybody will see on tv.
      Take care, everyone
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