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2070Re: [NTO] no longer G rated

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  • Jody
    Apr 14, 2001
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      Hi Stephen, Larry, and Others,

      I got to go with you on this one Stephen. Whether it fall under
      freedom of speech or something else does not matter that much to
      me. I believe everybody ought to have freedom of speech. I
      mean, if I jump up and down and throw fits because I public
      school kid cannot wear a Jesus tee-shirt, then I should also
      expect it to be OK for kids to wear devil worshipping tee-shirts.
      And if I cannot live with that, then I should and do homeschool
      the kids, and do that, well, my wife does. ;)

      It is an interesting topic though. How far do you take freedom
      of speech? All the way? Is it OK for a 1st grader to cuss out
      his teacher? Is it OK to have R rated movies on during prime
      time TV and call it a family show?

      >> Yahoo to remove adult-related products from Web sites
      >I'm not sure to be glad to be rid of obnoxious stuff or sorry
      >about a bit more loss of freedom of speech.

      Happy Topics,

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