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2056Re: [NTO] no longer G rated

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  • alice ttlg
    Apr 13, 2001
      This got discussed on the listowner help lists all over yesterday. What
      people keep missing is that Yahoo has *never* been G rated. Not only have
      they been selling porn for two years but YahooGroups and eGroups and Onelist
      before Yahoo have always hosted very hardcore porn groups, not just discussion
      but pics too.

      It must have been a slow news day. And I figure if they can make a buck or
      two there, it helps keep them in business. The other services mentioned, AOL
      and MSN are not dependent on only advertising revenue, they get fees for
      internet access and the other dotcoms that are ad revenue dependent are
      sinking fast.

      This article has a bit more info, that it's an expansion, not something new
      and notes that they're also cutting their workforce by 12%, that's that many
      less people to fix problems at Groups...


      Besides, their porn section is not easy to wander into, you have to register
      with an email address and credit card so you have to want to go in there.
      You're far more likely to find some hardcore porn group at YGroups when doing
      a search.

      alice ttlg

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      Robert Browning

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      From: "Lotta" <loro@...>

      > Good morning,
      > Have you seen this?
      > http://dailynews.yahoo.com/htx/ap/20010411/tc/brf_yahoo_porn_3.html
      > And the times they are achanging-
      > Lotta
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