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1876Re: [NTO] unreal font (viewer)

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  • DA
    Feb 27, 2001
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      Hi Lotta, Bob,

      The shell extension looks interesting. I'm downloading it now.

      I use Andale Mono instead of Lucida Typewriter Sans because the
      difference between some of the letters is better. For example the
      zero and the upper case 'O'. It is very similar to Lucida Typewriter
      otherwise. It can be downloaded from Microsoft at:


      I used to wonder why Microsoft would make such an ugly font as
      Courier New. Now I think this is because it is the only mono spaced
      font that takes up the same amount of horizontal space regardless of
      whether it is bold or not. I think this is why it is such a "skinny"

      If anyone knows of some other mono spaced font that is the same width
      regardless of whether or not it is bold, I would like to know about
      it. Note that a few applications will force the bold fonts to the
      same size as they are when not bold. I'd like to know how they are
      doing this. It must be a lot of work since most apps show a bold
      character by adding additional width to the character.


      > Lookie what I found at Microsoft's. A shell extension that adds some tabs
      > to the "Properties" window and gives you a lot if information about the
      > fonts you have on your computer. I don't understand half of it.
      > http://www.microsoft.com/typography/property/property.htm?fname=%20&fsize=
      > What fonts do you use with NTB? I'm a total font dummie and only have
      > Fixedsys, MSI Console Courier and Courier New. Console is too bulky so I'm
      > stuck with Courier New. It's too thin for me too see curly brackets and
      > stuff comfortably. I like the clean look of MS Sans Serif and of the serifs
      > I like for example Garamond. Know something similar but mono space?
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