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1808Re: [NTO] Test - please ignore

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  • Jody
    Feb 6, 2001
      Hi Nancy,

      >Thanks, but I doubt it is you. It's not just the NT groups, it
      >is also several other lists I am on and I can see that some have
      >responded to the NT posts I didn't receive (although they may
      >have done that from the yahoo group pages).

      I did check and there were none to release on the Off-Topic list,
      but there were 5 on the Clips list. I made a change in the
      settings an hour or so ago that will prevent that, but might have
      another slight disadvantage. Overall though, it is a better
      setting to use. I am purposely avoiding telling what the setting
      is. <g> I'll let anybody know if they write me in private eMail
      if you are wondering about my discreteness.

      Harvey wrote:
      > You are not alone. Within the last week I have received 2
      > batches of mail, each batch, at time of receipt, was at least 4
      > days old.
      > This has happened before to a lesser degree. I opine
      > Yahoogroups is the culprit and maybe they'll fix it one of
      > these days.

      It is a two part'r I believe that starts off with a bug in
      something yahoo changed and the way I had the settings set.
      Then, I may have goofed, but the reason why you got the batches
      was because Cindy found the posts not released and released them.
      They should have been released by me when I got the message about
      it under normal circumstances, but it is broke and I did not get
      the notification after the first post by the certain poster.

      Anyway, I changed a setting, so...

      Happy Topics,

      The NoteTab Off-Topic List
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