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1807Re: [NTO] Test - please ignore

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  • Harvey R. Savage
    Feb 6, 2001
      Nancy Bernardine-Widmer wrote:
      > Sorry, I don't know how else to test this. My ISP tells me I am getting all
      > messages and I can see from the eGroups (oops yahoo) that I have not received
      > some of them that were sent on Sun, Mon and Tues, although I have received some
      > of them that were sent on these days.

      > Nancy
      Hi Nancy,

      You are not alone. Within the last week I have received 2
      batches of mail, each batch, at time of receipt, was at least 4
      days old.

      This has happened before to a lesser degree. I opine Yahoogroups
      is the culprit and maybe they'll fix it one of these days.

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