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1779Re: [NTO] unreal font viewer

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  • Lotta
    Feb 2, 2001
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      Hello Bob,

      >I thought you used NTP to program/develop web pages. In any event it
      >appears that abSee seemed interesting to you.

      Seems like the mistake was mine. I thought some earlier post had mentioned

      In HTML land you are basically limited to the fonts available on the user's
      system. That may vary, so the only fonts that are safe to use are the very
      common ones like Courier New, Arial and a few more. I've noticed that the
      fonts shipped with MS seems to vary depending on where in the world you
      live, which limits the choice even more.

      To use an unusual font for short "snips" like a link or some other short
      text one can always use the preferred font in a graphic editor and create
      an image of the text. Then a font viewer can come in handy so you don't
      have to keep all fonts on your machine installed.

      Hope I got it right this time :-)
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