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1776Re: [NTO] unreal font viewer

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  • Bob Pigors
    Feb 1, 2001

      I am not a programmer. Can you tell me what abSee would be used for?

      Bob Pigors, Kaneohe Hawaii (UTC -10)


      abSee100 v1.00 [82k] W9x/NT/2k FREE


      {Font viewer with perks} Another digital seer? Yeah, but this one is
      different. How much would you pay for a font viewer with a drag-
      and-drop interface that lets you change both the background and
      foreground colors (including Web-safe shades)? What if it could also
      view fonts that you haven't installed yet? But wait -- there's more!
      Saving the preview as a bitmap (BMP) image is a snap. I bet you'd also
      like a live link to more fonts on the Web, too. That's included, kids.
      Now how much would you pay? Yeah, I'd rather save the dime, too...
      that's why this is free. Better call Mr. Popeil -- I'm in trouble.
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