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1605Re: [NTO] OFF TOPIC .... Outlook express ...?

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Jan 1, 2001
      Mailbag simplifies this. You can save one or all, in a variety of formats.

      To work with OE, by itself, each message needs a unique subject. This would
      be a lot of work, if multiple messages had the same subject. I would not
      enjoy such a task without MailBag.


      >Individual OE messages can also be saved with a .txt extension (if they are
      >plain text messages) or a .htm extension (if they're html or rich text).
      >The default extension when saving is .eml, simply click on the drop down
      >menu and select a different extension.
      >Multiple messages can be batch-saved to a folder as .eml as long as they all
      >have unique subject lines (as this is the resulting file name) by
      >highlighting a group of messages in a folder, right-clicking and selecting
      >"Forward as Attachment", then after the blank email opens with all the
      >messages attached, click on File, Save Attachments and use the Browse button
      >to select the folder you want to save them to.
      >Or you can open Windows Explorer, go to the folder you want to save the
      >messages to, then in OE, highlight and drag the messages to the folder in
      >the Explorer window. Again, all messages must have a unique subject line
      >and they'll automatically have the .eml extension.
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