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1601Re: [NTO] OFF TOPIC .... Outlook express ...?

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  • alice ttlg
    Jan 1, 2001
      > Individual OE messages can be saved with an .eml extension. They are
      > basically text files, and can easily be opened in 'Tab. If you create a
      > text file and save it as .eml and then try to open by double-clicking the
      > file, it will open in OE, if it has all the correct fields.
      > HTH,
      > Lawrence M. (Larry) Hamilton, Jr.

      Individual OE messages can also be saved with a .txt extension (if they are
      plain text messages) or a .htm extension (if they're html or rich text).
      The default extension when saving is .eml, simply click on the drop down
      menu and select a different extension.

      Multiple messages can be batch-saved to a folder as .eml as long as they all
      have unique subject lines (as this is the resulting file name) by
      highlighting a group of messages in a folder, right-clicking and selecting
      "Forward as Attachment", then after the blank email opens with all the
      messages attached, click on File, Save Attachments and use the Browse button
      to select the folder you want to save them to.

      Or you can open Windows Explorer, go to the folder you want to save the
      messages to, then in OE, highlight and drag the messages to the folder in
      the Explorer window. Again, all messages must have a unique subject line
      and they'll automatically have the .eml extension.

      alice ttlg

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