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1591Re: [NTO] Re: [NTB] What is NoteTab for?

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Jan 1, 2001
      As I was reading this thread, I remembered back to my use of WordStar 3 (I
      think, I still have a copy on 5-1/4" floppy, but do not have a drive for
      it.), back in college in the mid-80's. It is basically a text editor with
      commands like ^Y, or whatever, wrapped around the desired text. We also had
      some funky editor on the mainframe that was a major pain to use. Anyway,
      the way WordStar wrapped commands around desired text, made it easy for me
      to make sense of HTML. Currently, NoteTab only allows such "command
      wrappers" in HTML documents, which are just plain text files, but the
      HTML/HTM extension tells the browser that it needs to interpret the
      document as a web page. In WordStar the "command wrappers" told the printer
      how to print the document. If you look at a WordStar file, it looks much
      like an HTML file, but with ^ instead of <>.

      As Paul Harder wrote, unless Eric adds a method of adding such printer
      control, and/or display control, NoteTab will not do what you ask. One
      option I have seen on the list is to save it as an HTML document then open
      it in your browser and print it. That would save having to copy it to Word
      and then format and print it.

      If all you want is underlining, Eric has a clip in the Utilities library
      that comes with NoteTab, called underline. Basically it puts an overline on
      the line below the text. I use it often, when I need an underline, but do
      not need any fancy formatting. I also use it in web pages to have an
      underline in text with <pre></pre> tags so that I can keep space or tab
      delimited text lined up without any fancy tables, that slow down the
      loading of the page.

      My wife earns herself lots of frustration using Word, because she wants to
      format it as she goes, and cannot get it the way she wants it, then I have
      to fix it. (For some reason, I cannot say the words that there is an easier
      way, without her hearing some value judgement about her. But that's WAAAAY
      off topic!)

      I think as has been pointed out, in its current state, NoteTab does not
      have the features you desire, for the way you work with documents. For now,
      patience for the Gold version, or a change in procedures would get you
      closer to what you desire. (I started off working with "format as you go",
      and it is hard to unlearn. It affects the way I do web pages, if I get
      rushed. So I, and many others know how hard that way of working with
      documents is to unlearn.)

      At 10:22 AM 01/01/2001 -0800, you wrote:
      >I wouldn't need to display actual italics on the screen. Just some way
      >to mark which text needs to be italicized. Underlining would do (that's
      >how I used to do it on my typewriter). Or highlighting or a different
      >color type face. Anything to set the italicized text off from the rest
      >of the text. For that matter it wouldn't even have to display
      >differently. Back in my WordStar days, it just displayed a ^Y character
      >(I think that's what it was) at the beginning and end of each string of
      >italicized text. And that told the printer to italicize the string.

      Larry Hamilton, Jr.
      Hamilton National Genealogical Society, Inc.
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