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  • Jody
    Dec 6, 2000
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      Hi Julie,

      >> I wish Eudora had an option to delete signature cards as soon
      >> as they are downloaded, strip all HTML before the posts get
      >> into the mailbox, and strip all rich text format. ;)
      >Would be nice if they offered that option *along* with all the
      >bells and whistles. The Outlook stationary stuff drives me
      >nuts... people are embedding midis in those things now!

      Actually, what I would like because of all the eMail programs
      going multimedia, web enabled, etc. and users liking that is an
      eMail program that would:

      1. Have a recipient list like Eudora on the content menu with
      Attach, change user (sender), etc. - mainly all the reply and new
      message stuff.
      2. Have the buttons for the ToolBar like Eudora where you can put
      certain recipients for new, redirect, send again, forward, etc.
      with customizable icons allowed.
      3. Option to strip all HTML before posts are downloaded; option
      to strip all HTML before opening (Shift+double click)
      4. No flow control bars. <g> Good 'ol ">" in post on incoming and
      5. Strip all rich text format with options same as #3.
      6. Multiple ISPs of course.
      7. Drag/Drop copy/move, add recipient, and other basic stuff.
      8. Should come in a setup file no more than 3MB.
      9. Should be fast opening app and little resources used.
      10. Needs to have the regular Eudora interface.

      If anybody knows of such a program, please let me know.

      HTML and multimedia belong on the web and not in eMail IMO.

      Have you ever clicked on Help | About | Credits in Eudora?
      What a waist.

      Happy Topics,

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