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1413Re: [NTO] Virus alert

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  • Jim Hall
    Dec 5, 2000

      At 05:32 PM 12/5/00, you wrote:
      >Hi Jim,
      >On December 4, 2000 8:31 PM you wrote:
      > >BTW, FWIW
      > >
      > >Anyone who has received it should be sure to double check and insure that
      > >it gets deleted from their "ATTACHMENTS" folder.
      > >
      > >Just deleting the post doesn't necessarily mean that you got rid of it.

      Sorry Bill,

      Doesn't everyone use Eudora?? 8-)

      >Does OE5 have an "ATTACHMENTS" folder?

      Not that I am aware of.

      As far as I know, the Outlook and Outlook Express attachments stay with the

      Eudora however does have a separate "Attachments" directory and one should
      double check it.

      If this helps even one person keep from having to go through Virus removal
      it was worth the confusion.


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