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1392Re: [NTO] Re: Procedure for writing a computer program

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  • Bill Scott
    Dec 3, 2000
      A major mistake is to get so involved with the coding &
      language that we forget to actually WRITE the program, THEN code

      Bill *||:>) wrote:

      That is exactly what I am looking for how do you write a program
      before you
      code it or even decide what language will be the best to use ...
      *||:^) A wee bit of
      help.tips or ideas on how to start ... planning ... a project ...
      you know.a jump start ... with the obvious ..... so the light
      goes on .... a hint ... so more people get the joke ... *||:^)

      I work with animals allot border collies ..... when some college
      guy comes out to learn to do some training ... what is obvious to
      me is not always so obvious to him ... you might tell him five
      times and he just does not get it ... but if I take the time to
      give him a hint they will usually suprise you .. what you thought
      was dumb was just ignorant of animals ..... ignorance is curable
      in most cases ... *||:^) I had a male nurse that came to me about
      5 years ago for help he just won the Nursery Nationals ... but
      when I first met him he was comical ... he couldn't even spell
      border collie ..and I thought to myself what a dumb head ... but
      he stuck it out and ... there you have it ......

      Bill (off topic) Scott.
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