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1388Re: [NTO] Clean install

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  • Harvey R. Savage
    Dec 1, 2000
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      Paul King wrote:
      > Do any of you gurus know a good site which outlines the steps
      > in a clean install for applications?
      > I have been in the habit of shutting down all programs except
      > Explorer and Systray after hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete, one at a time,
      > then closing down Ontrack FixIt and TSR's, but think I'm over-
      > looking something.
      > PK
      Hi PK,

      I don't know if I classify as a guru but, I almost never close
      any programs down with Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Once in a while I might
      even have an app open on the desktop and I can't remember the
      last time I had trouble with program installation or operation

      Are you asking because you do have trouble or are you taking the
      advice to close open apps to the extreme.

      I have to admit that some time back I too shut down several of
      the programs running in the background. I eventually stopped
      doing that with no ill effects showing up.

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