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  • "'John Shotsky' jshotsky@^$1 [ntb-html]" wrote: > download one of the free but fairly capable wysiwyg html > editors, and create a skeleton of what I want. Setting up newspaper > columns would be pretty straight forward. True, but from what I've seen their code is simply terrible. Have you checked how it accomodates to the more extreme possible reader settings, like big letters or...
    Axel Berger Mar 17
  • "redpondranch@^$1 [ntb-html]" wrote: > What I would like to > do is create side-by-side columns, with borders, as newspaper clippings > might work. What you want is possible, but please remember that HTML is a format not for print but for screen reading. You have NO control over the "paper" you're dealing with. The reader and his browser alone decide how wide the window is to be...
    Axel Berger Mar 17
  • "loro tabbie@^$1 [ntb-html]" wrote: > "That can be handled by wrapping it in a span. I think John was just being a mite cryptic here. I admit, wthout having read Marcelo's reply before I might not have got it, but with that being more than seven hours older, this may well be just what John expected and took into account when pointing out his favourite amongst Marcelo's many solutions. Axel
    Axel Berger Jan 20
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  • "Marcelo Bastos bytext@^$1 [ntb-html]" wrote: > Are you talking about "Classic (Presto) Opera" or the new "Blink Opera?" The former. > more recently I insert after the slashes. Yes, but I'm an extreme backwards compatibility nut and in many very old browsers these pseudocharacters become visible, while from its very beginning HTML was specified to ignore all unknown tags. So for me it has to be the . Axel
    Axel Berger Jan 20
  • "'John Shotsky' jshotsky@^$1 [ntb-html]" wrote: > assume it has to do with code page behavior between different nations. > I've never seen a break at a forward slash. No, it's not that, but HTML only describes content, visual output is left to the browser to a great degree. Everathing now specified through CSS (and it's up to the user and his browser to accept those suggestions...
    Axel Berger Jan 20
  • "Marcelo Bastos bytext@^$1 [ntb-html]" wrote: > but you can insert the U+2060 word joiner (HTML |⁠) > between the symbols. , U+2007 or U+202F > Or you could use CSS. Encase the term in a and style it with > "white-space:nowrap;" "'John Shotsky' jshotsky@^$2 [ntb-html]" wrote: > That can be handled by wrapping it in a span. Being an acknoledged backwards-compatibility nut I've...
    Axel Berger Jan 17
  • In one of my posts I use the term 5/2 and in at least one browser at one window width is gets broken behind the slash, which is terrible. It happens to be made worse by the sentence ending after the 2, making the next line begin with "2. ". Is there anything in HTML to bind things together and prevent them being broken like TeX's \mbox{}? Danke Axel
    Axel Berger Jan 16
  • "'John Shotsky' jshotsky@^$1 [ntb-html]" wrote: > Without a proper html header, the highlighting was not working. Not so, or at least not generally. Does your file have a .htm extension? I frequently export HTML code from my database without any headers and without the and wraps. When I open thoses files in NT to add the missing parts, the complete highlighting is there. Axel
    Axel Berger Dec 21, 2014
  • "'John Shotsky' jshotsky@^$1 [ntb-html]" wrote: > I am using a text editor to edit text, No you don't. If you do and save as text, using the appropriate extension or telling NT to treat .htm as such, then all will be as you want. What you are really using is a powerful HTML editor with loads of specialized HTML functions that are triggered when you tell NT your file is HTML. Most...
    Axel Berger Nov 16, 2014
  • "'John Shotsky' jshotsky@^$1 [ntb-html]" wrote: > After stripping it, and saving as > ANSI, it should BE ANSI. But it isn't, if it has > that charset declaration in the file. Well John, in all honesty, if you go and change the charset and save again WITHOUT adapting and correcting the charset declaration, then the mistake and responsibility is all yours. Axel
    Axel Berger Nov 16, 2014