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7405Re: [NH] Popup in CSS

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  • loro
    Aug 19, 2014
      Axel wrote:
      >"Marcelo Bastos bytext@... [ntb-html]" wrote:
      > > So the usage you are attempting is
      > > technically invalid HTML.
      >Thanks, I had sloppily misread the manual I go by and will use TITLE now.

      That said, you can make it display with CSS.

      q:after {content:attr(cite) }

      And you can style it further (move it, color it, whatever). But I
      can't figure out how to make it display only on :hover with only CSS.

      With a little JavaScript you could do like this, even if there
      probably are fancier ways. Add these rules.

      q.on:after { display: block /* or whatever, make it visible */ }
      q.off:after { display; none }

      And change the first one so the attribute value initially does not display.

      q:after { content:attr(cite); display: none }

      And then...
      <q cite="Neville Chamberlain" onmouseover="this.className='on'"
      onmouseout="this.className='off'">Peace in our time</q>

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