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24412Clipbooks that did not appear; then closing error and clogging

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  • Adrian Worsfold
    Apr 22, 2014
      Hello ntb-clips

      I don't want to subscribe to another NoteTab discussion, but it is relevant to clips in general.

      Using Windows XP, I have continued to update NoteTab Free for its pasteboard and a number of text processing clips. Yet in recent times the program has failed to close properly because when reopened it has left a blank space where the clips list. It has had to be closed by shift alt delete and confirming and then the clips come back.

      However, recently it's all got worse after being closed with often many minutes later a notice coming up that says 'ICS Reducing User Library' in the middle of the screen that cannot be removed. Looking at the computer, the program is still running and its 'memory' is still present. The computer completely slows down: when it is rebooted sometimes the last thing seen is the NoteTab program as if still open.

      Now this has continued despite uninstalling and reinstalling on to a bigger internal drive. The Reducing User Library notice and side effects do not come about after using any other program.

      At the moment I have gone back to a 2005 version of NoteTab and so far (this may be too early) it has behaved itself, although a notice tells me that some clips may not work because this is an earlier version.

      If the NoteTab continues to misbehave I will have to get rid of it, which will be a great shame, and I'll just have to seek other methods of interacting with other programs, pasting text automatically and text processing.

      I don't know the technical expression for this but the program is leaking memory and clogging up my computer after use, forcing a reboot.

      I contacted a friend and computer whizzkid and he's never heard of the notice plonked on to the screen and made unremovable. I wonder if the program is now simply trying to do too much and across too many versions of Windows that it has lost its robustness, so to speak.

      Adrian Worsfold


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